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‘Quality is always

in fashion’



Just like fashion, we also want to impress and inspire. We love the individual approach. We always look into the future because innovation gives birth to new fashion tendencies.

To realize all this every season, we work in closely with our demanding partners – from product development till material delivery, production and logistics. For us, the whole process is like a new fashion style – each element should have its place and match perfectly.



The art to not just follow trends but to be ahead of them and set them is the key to successful fashion. As leaders on the market of apparel production this is especially important for us in regards to technology and efficiency. In other words, if something exists, we will continuously improve it, and if it doesn’t, we will create it.

“We” is a collective word for a huge team of dedicated and loyal employees, each of them constantly, every single day, contributing with their expertise and specific industry knowledge. They are designers, engineers, product managers, technologists, seamstresses, etc.

We of BTB Bulgaria share a common goal to create and develop with the clients products, collections and relationships of exceptional quality. To be always flexible and dynamic, just like the fashion market.

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